The New “Me”

” THE NEW ME “ I simply love the person that I have becomeWho doesn’t want to hold back,and tend to overcome With the starry nightsand those bees on flower that hum,I simply love the person that I’ve becomeLove my skin to be sun kissed,and my heart wanna outcome Oh glorious air, Hit my hair …

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The Season Of My Soul !

“THE SEASON OF MY SOUL” Oh dear Autumn You symbolize the ethics of my soul,My inner desires have held youFor they’ve realized that you harvest,The growing cycle of ripeness and abundance in them Oh flavour-some Autumn You’re the season of my spirits,Your colours represent my aspectsInsanely beautiful, dressed up in gold,Little red, little yellow Oh …

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“THE AGONIES OF GAZA” I’ve been familiar to such a place,Where the tyranny dances so boastfully in streetsBefore my eyes there’s a massive bloodshed,With every teardrop and dying heart beat The despot massacres the innocent in such a way,He even never takes a single breathThe atrocities are showered almost everywhere,Dreams are tangled and buried underneath …


The Ultimate Patriotism

The Ultimate Patriotism

” THE ULTIMATE PATRIOTISM “ My Patriotic heart strikes green and white,The love for my homeland shines in me brightMy soldiers always stand by around it firmly,Motherland is loved and protected, this is her right The resilience of my faith flies high like a kite,The aircrafts in green take their highest flightThey roar and wander …

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You must be alive !

” YOU MUST BE ALIVE “ But with no reply,his eyes were closedand he bled from his nose,i wasn’t sure but it couldn’t be the fellows were cryingshedding tears, sitting next to his body,and wishing it wouldn’t be their eyes were devastated,souls were brokentheir courage died,and they were in a time they shouldn’t be the …

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Nostalgia of my birth place

” NOSTALGIA OF MY BIRTH PLACE “ The streets which were left behind,Never made the memories blindThe place where my peace is buried,The roads which were beautifully lined Wanna look back to the peace of mind,And whisper with the sun which shinedThe wanderings in the afternoons are missed,Seems like me and my fellows are whined …

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