I dont know

” I DON’T KNOW “ I don’t know how to love,how to know whether you are the oneMy past has torn me apart,I am afraid,will trusting you, bring me back those scars I want to look in Your eyesforget all the pain inside,My breath has found a new rhythm,it sings your name,It say that you …

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” FAILURE “ Sometimes, we lose ourselvesBreaking into fragments,And floating away A wave of uncertainty,Springs upon the presentAnd we feel ourselves,Drifting back to the crippled past A reflection of our flaws,Emerges in every mistake we makeGlaring into our face,Reminding us of our fate We dissolve into a state,A state of inabilityBlending and flowing through,All the …

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Poetry Means

“POETRY MEANS” Poetry is life,flesh and bloodIt pulsates with every kind of emotion,and expresses every feeling in the mind Words have such great power,To make your pulse race with excitementor subdue you with the mellow sounds,and sights of contentment and happiness It can fill your heart with rageand create a thunderstorm with blinding lightning,That will …

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“SOLITUDE” I am in love with solitudeAs I feel secluded,Secluded from the outer worldMy soul feels at ease,And heart feels sheltered I used to feel alone,Even in crowded placesFor my emotions were always stuffed,And my opinions partly expressed The day I became my best friend,Thoughts started to spill out through my penI sensed a guiltless …

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Because I Fear

“BECAUSE I FEAR” At times I am asked,Why don’t you give your feelings,another chance,Here is the truth Because I fear ,I might feel too much to someoneBecause I fear in the end,I might be left with noneBecause I fear the one,might not feel the sameBecause I fear for them,It just might be a game At …

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Dream death

” DREAM DEATH” I would like to be a soul,After my deathSo that I can see the people,Who cried for me So I can get to know people,Who love me sincerely, alsoI could know those,who cheated on me and tarnished me Before my life is overI want to achieve everything,I have to accomplishIf i can …

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