This category includes all the poems by Original Quills.


A Happy Chirp

” A HAPPY CHIRP “ In the delayed delighted destiny,the ties of faith awaits me with tranquilityWhile I choose to drift into the sidelines,like a feather in the breeze The spotlight hurts my eyes,so you won’t know it’s a disguiseThe leaves shed in gold light of the sun,reminding those who abandoned to hell Despair is …

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Fiery Soul

” FIERY SOUL “ Some flames don’t burn,They instil passionIn a parched mind,And vacant eyes Reduced to a state of misery,Now, consumed by the raging flameThey begin to radiate fire,Inspiring courage By lighting up the darkness,despite of the veil of doubtsClouding the vision,the anxious heart persists Email


Conscienceless love

” CONSCIENCELESS LOVE “ Strangely it looks,How his world collide with thineStill happy is he,For it’s a pleasure he cherish In front of the world he pretended to be grim,Whilst Dawn till dusk he still seek theeLike a man lost in the woods in search of trails,He follows your footsteps every single day Midnight it …

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Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights

SLEEPLESS NIGHTS Sleepless nights with lots of sights,Incredible shadows with no lightsThe sound of the little one’s cries,And the feeling after my lullabies Just scared the dream away,To the place where they stayEating my honest smile,In a big bowl of bile The dreams which felt true,And the shadows of the crewThe Devil’s personal hour,That scared …

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” NOISE “ Sunrise to sunset, unleasedThese voices in my head,Never giving me a break Silence unmetThis torture is everlasting,Never knowing a state of somber Words constantly being spoken,Quiet being unheardConversations steady going,A hush not to be descending The loudness is unnerving,Hoping to enjoy tranquility someday Email


Pursuit of life

” PURSUIT OF LIFE ” Footsteps of my childhoodBringing me to my serenityDoors wide open to valuesBut why is everything overruled The journey of life brings usTo the edge of paradiseIf I were to fall from thereWill I be able to rise up again The truth of my existence scares meBut it dares me to …

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” SAUDADE “ He made her dance in the rain,And locked her soul like a chainShe felt like she now owned the universe,Who knew it would turn out to be a curse His feather like touch closed her eyes,And that was when she turned blindShe couldn’t see all the stain in his lies,And the dirty …

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My Other Half

” MY OTHER HALF “ She is haunting beauty,A perfect stormA devil in disguise,A blessing in veil of curse A flame in darkness,Shining like a starDancing in the red shoes,With a wicked grin,On her bloody lips Hair wrapped around her horns,She looks so devilish.I know what she is like,But the pull is to intenseToo fight …

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The Voice Of Soul

” THE VOICE OF SOUL “ Once we lie without our souls,We sprawl on the floor deadLifeless we rest, feeling that,Someone’s there crying on our chest Thinking we’ll breathe again,Stand up, hold them close and hugThey swept the blood, those red spots,With a shaggy rug The reason for my death, my mortal breath,They knew but …

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The Nature’s Phase

” THE NATURE’S PHASE “ I sat along one day,To take pleasure of the nature’s taste.Your feelings surely gets submerged into its phase Staring beyond the sea so far,Its wavy shore lets me to ebb and flow for hoursThe cool water of the ocean touches my feet,Leaving it all drenched with sandA walk further takes …

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