How to write a blog - 5 easy tips [2020]

Have you always wanted to write an amazing blog that helps you to bring traffic to your website ?

Or, do you wish to display your writing skills and want to share your views on topics that affect the world ?

Then, we bring to you the perfect beginner’s guide on

how to write a blog and get-going with  your first blog post !

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How to write a blog - 5 easy tips [2020]

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First, lets start by briefing you on what is a blog exactly.

So, What is a Blog ?

What is a blog- ORIGINAL QUILLS

A blog is a discussion or informational website consisting of informal diary-style text entries.

It is an online journal or platform where a writer or group of writers share their views on any individual subject .

So how to start writing your own blog ?

Here are “5 easy tips on how to write a blog” which I have personally tried and found to be useful for any beginner like me. 

How to write a blog - 5 easy tips [2020]

1) Deciding on an engaging Title and Introduction :

A good Title is one of the first things you need to decide on before planning on writing your first blog.

A title is the first thing a reader comes across when your blog is glanced on the internet.

So it should be as appealing and engaging as possible in order to captivate a reader’s attention and making the reader click on your blog post and start reading it.

According to me your title is the heart of your blog creates the first impression on the reader’s mind while scrolling across the internet.

So what should your Title consist to make it engaging and intriguing for any reader ?

– Keywords: Keywords are an important part of any blog post title as they not only comprise of the overall meaning of your blog, but are also an important feature for enhancing the SEO of your blog.

– Meaning : Your title should be simple and easy for reader’s to understand quickly and should be able to convey the meaning of the contents in your blog.

So I usually refer a title as a one liner summary of your blog post.

– Numbers and Brackets: A title comprising of numbers and brackets provides more information on the relevancy of your blog and dramatically helps in creating a title with high CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

How to write a blog - 5 easy tips [2020]

Introduction is the next thing that a reader encounters once a reader enters your blog.

A short, crisp and on-point introduction increases the chances of a reader to stay on your blog page and continue reading the post.

Without a good introduction that does not aim at solving the reader’s curiosity and needs, the blog does not seem that appealing to them.

Hence deciding on an engaging title and introduction should be your first priority while starting to write your blog.

2) Original and interesting Content :

 The next step towards writing your blog is probably the most important one, writing original and and interesting content.

If you have a good title and introduction but the quality of your content does not meet the reader’s expectation,

the reader may not carry ahead with reading your post.

blog writing tips - ORIGINAL QUILLS

Also being yourselves and writing in a way that makes the reader comfortable and intrigued at the same time is really important.

Hence making a rough outline of your blog post before writing it is always helpful. 

I personally note down all the important points I want to include in my blog which helps me to create content around these points for my blogs.

Also the format and the length of your content should be just right

(Not to long, which may make it too obvious and boring for the readers, but also not to short which does not fulfill the readers curiosity )

and should satisfy your audience.Check out our original blogs for reference.

So, the content in your blog is the soul of your blog according to me, and should sound good to you after you complete writing it.

easy ways to write a blog

3)Adding Visuals and Images :

No one wants to read a plain, boring and content stuffed post without any visuals or images.

Images add color to your blog and attract the readers.

Inserting visuals, images, graphs or videos can drastically improve the dwell time (the time a reader spends on your blog).

Also this helps in improving the reader experience for your blog, which may lead to them coming back to your site in the future.

Also images and visuals provide breathing space in your content heavy blogs.

So images and visuals help in improving the overall look of your blog and helps in improving reader’s overall experience.

4) Linking : 

Linking refers to providing both internal and external links from your blog post.


– Internal links: These are links to other pages of your own website/blog and help in distributing and increasing traffic to other relevant blog posts from your website.

– External links: These are links to other websites and relevant blogs helping in increasing the authenticity of your website.

This helps in increasing the overall reputation and adds value to your blogs for your readers, therefore linking increases the trust of your audience and improves the quality of your blog.

5) Conclusion :

Adding a conclusive conclusion that helps in summarizing the overall blog is also important.

As many readers may not have enough time to go through your whole post and by adding a good conclusion,

readers can still get a good feel of your blog.

5 tips

Also the conclusion may involve a few questions or suggestions for your blogs,

that increases the reader involvement in your blogs and helps in a mutual feedback for you and your audience.



My bonus tip for this post would be

to indulge an unique quality that aims at satisfying your reader’s search.

Which is the whole motive for you to write a blog.

ORIGINAL QUILLS writing tips

And as I always like to say, Just start writing it

Even if you have never written a content piece before,

you can still sit with a fresh mind and just start writing something and wait for the magic to happen

when ideas just start to flow from your mind to your finger tips.

So here are the 5 easy tips that would definitely help you with writing your blog as discussed above

– Engaging Title and Introduction

– Original and interesting Content

– Adding Visuals and images

– Linking

– Adding a Conclusion 

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So I hope this blog would have helped you in some or the other way to start writing your first blog or improving your blog writing skills.

If it helped you by providing you any kind of new knowledge for the topic,

do let me know commenting and liking this blog.

So,All the Best

to all of you who would go and start to following their dreams after reading this post by starting your own blog.

Do let me know which tip helped you the most in starting or improving your blog in the comments below.

Cheers !


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