How to write a Short Story - Complete Guide for Beginners

So, how to write a short story ? hmm…

I assume everyone of us has grown listening to short stories by our parents or grandparents.

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I remember a time in my childhood when I could not sleep without listening to a short story before bed,

and that developed my love towards reading and later writing short stories.

So before jumping on to

“How to write a short story”

, lets see what exactly is a short story :

How to write a Short Story - Complete Guide for Beginners

What is a Short Story ?

A short story is a prose fiction that can typically be read in one sitting and focuses on a self-contained incident

or series of linked incidents, with the intent of evoking a single effect or mood.

It is usually ranges from 1,000 – 15,000 words

but generally publications have published short stories between the word range of 3,000 – 5,000 words.

So, are you someone like me who loves to or wish to write down a short story whether it may be a fiction or based on a true life incident

but cannot plot a good story or maybe are having a hard time producing the thoughts of your story on a paper.

Then this is just the right blog for you, this is :

HOW TO WRITE A SHORT STORY (The Complete Guide for Beginners):

How to write a Short Story - Complete Guide for Beginners

1) Find a key Emotion and Title :

Finding a key Emotion for your short story is the first and primary step I suggest to start with. 

Finding an emotion is to decide upon the base or the underlying theme around which your short story would revolve.

A short story for kids would generally have a joyful emotion with a happy theme and sound to it throughout the story, while a story based on a true event, or

 A Thriller may have a mix of emotions like drama, or harsh realty with some suspense towards the climax of it.

Deciding on a theme early ahead while writing a short story would help you develop the characters and the overall theme of the story as you continue writing it.


Having decided on an emotion and a theme, deciding on a title may be a wise step

as the story could be focused around the title and it can be well positioned along the theme of the story within the body,

So that it helps in bringing out the overall meaning of the story.

A good title is vital especially in a short story, where readers tend to form an image of your story based on the title and the body of your story.

It should be engaging and captivating in a manner that the reader is able to have some idea about the short story just be looking at it.

So a attractive title usually signal towards the start of a good short story.

2) Outline a Plot :

Having an outline of your plot for your whole story is really important and beneficial as it maintains a good flow throughout the story.

Also it refrains you from making a short story that is all over the place and lacks an overall structure of your short story.

writing tips

This also frames as the first step towards planning and writing the body of your story.

So sitting down with a pen and paper to note down the main outline of your story

with the list of characters, theme, plot(happenings) can structure your story in a much better way than the usual method.


3) Build your characters :

Okay, so this is the second and a very vital step of the main body of your short story.

Unlike a novel or long story, building your characters in a short story is rather more difficult,

yet equally important as readers do not like to read even a short story without a strong character story-line.

How to write a Short Story - Complete Guide for Beginners

Building your characters and developing them as the story progresses would keep the readers indulged and leads to an amazing short story.

Also it helps you in getting further ideas for writing as you progress deeper into the story


Therefore character development is a necessary ingredient for your short story to keep the readers indulged

as everyone likes to witness something relatable and associated with growth.

So be developing your character in the correct way, you can make the reader feel a part of the character’s journey

along the whole story and hence enhancing the overall reader experience of your short story.

4) The Semi-Eclipse plotting method :

Okay so this method is the ultimate method to generate and write an attractive short story and consist of 8 points for your story outline plot.

I have personally created this method and termed this as the Semi-Eclipse plotting method.

Semi-Eclipse Plotting Method

So according to the Semi-Eclipse plotting method,

 your short story must contain the following 8 parameters or events in order to complete a your story in a satisfactory manner without making it too lengthy :

– Environment set-up :

To begin with, I suggest to set up the correct environment for your story.

It may include the description of the place, weather or the nature of the environment your short story would be take place in.

It may also include the character introduction along with some short descriptions and background.

– The Spark :

It is the main cause that lead you to create the story, or it is the reason that sparks the story creating the character to begin its journey in your story.

– The journey :

This is the main journey or the steps taken by the character as a consequence of the spark. This would be the start of an intriguing story development for your character.

How to write a Short Story - Complete Guide for Beginners

– The Shock :

Now that the story speeds up, this is the exact point where you give the character as well as your readers a shock

or reveal that the character encounters during his journey.

This may be in the form a short story twist or challenge/obstacle for the character it faces along the road of the story-line.

-Decisive action :

This is the character’s response towards the shock it gets along the journey.

Now the character is placed in a situation where it has to make some decisions or choice

and take actions to deal with the shock and improve itself.

– Climax :

So now comes the climax or the drop of twists in your short story

which is experienced by your character after the decisive action taken by your character.

This may also be the most interesting point in your story while you move closer to the end.

– Come back :

It is the fight or the will shown by the character to face the climax situation and emerge out victorious from that situation

that may lead in changing the character’s life or destiny proceeding towards a satisfying end.

– Learning :

This is the end to your short story where the character realizes his learning along the journey and the from the courage or decisive action taken.

Also this consists of a suitable ending to your short story.

How to write a Short Story - Complete Guide for Beginners

5) Satisfying end :

For everything you wrote in your story,

you should be able to end it in a satisfying manner that quenches the readers minds.

So the end may or may not be happy or in favor of your character,

but it must suit your entire story you worked so hard to write.


Hence a satisfying and suitable end is as important as an attractive start to your story for a good reader experience.

# Bonus Tip :

My  Personal Bonus tip for writing your short story is to try and be involved in the story

as well as your character and try to live the story with your character as you progress while writing your story.


This gives your story a natural feel and helps you to write the story.

Try this tip, I usually do this while I write anything and believe me it is a wonderful experience for you to live a whole different life as your character.

So with that we conclude the blog on How to write a Short Story (The Complete Guide for Beginners) 

Here are all the points we discussed above :

– Find a key Emotion and Title

– Plot an Outline for your story

– Build your characters

– The Semi-Eclipse plotting method

– Satisfying end

So I hope this guide would have definitely helped you to proceed towards writing your first Short Story

or developed your knowledge on writing a great Short Story.

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If so, tell me which step was the most effective according to you while writing your own Short Story

in the comments below and appreciate the post  

And as always, Just go for it...

Cheers !


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