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Top 3 Winners of our Instagram Prompt Challenge: Winter

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The Frozen whistling Breeze,
white Winter sprinkles softly
over elegant evergreen trees,
while white Camargue Horses
trample tenaciously Redwood Leaves


Frost Sheath over swaying Figs,
Calms the gentle Blizzard within
Unguarded face catches Snowflakes, Unlocking eyes to Glacial Terrains.


For me Spring is his Blossoming Smile, In his eyes the Dazzling summer lies
His love is like Picturesque autumn,
And Winter ends when he Hugs me Tight.

Congratulations to all the Winners and all the beautiful participants who participated in the Prompt Challenge with over 400+ Entries on Original Quills. The honorable mentions of our Lovely Participants would be read out Live on our Page in our Global community in the coming week !

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